Follow the instructions below to add or edit text on an event site content page.

To get there:

Login to your Wizathon back end system.

Click on the "Pages" tab.

To add a new page:

Click on the "Create New Page" button. 

Enter the page title under "Navigation Title".

Under "Navigation Order", enter a number of where you'd like your page to go within the sequence of the existing pages. Entering 0 will create the page, but not create a link on the navigation bar. You can create these types of pages for internal linking - meaning, link from a page that is on the navigation bar. 

You can also enter a title and have the page link to an external site. To do so, enter the hyperlink under "URL to link offsite" and enter 0 under "Navigation Order".

Enter any text you'd like to include and click "Save Page" to save your changes. 

To edit an existing page:

Click on the “Edit” (pencil icon) for the page that you want to edit
Place the cursor in the text box area where you want to start typing text and make your additions or changes.
Click “Save Page” to save your changes.

Important Note: If you want to paste text from another source such as “MS Word”, after placing the cursor in the text box where you want to paste the text, click on either the “Paste from Word” or “Paste a Plain Text” icons on the editor tool bar.

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