Our program is designed to support credit card payments. If you will be receiving some or many checks, you will need to enter them online in order to update your event goals and your accounting.

In order to enter checks received off-line, you need an override code to enter in lieu of a credit card number. To receive an override code, you need to register a credit card number with us so that at the end of the month, we can charge that card our 3.5% fee. (Normally, this fee is taken at the time the sponsor's credit card is processed.) Please let us know if you wish to enter checks in this manner and we will contact you for your payment details.

Alternatively, you can pay a flat fee to enter an unlimited number of offline donations using an override code. Normally this costs $350, but because you have already paid the $250 setup fee, we offer the option to pay an additional $100 which will cover entering unlimited offline donations as well. In order to pay the this flat fee, go to http://wizevents.com/register/48 and choose the first option "Wizathon Unlimited Administrator Check Entry - per event if setup fee was paid for the event".  When prompted for an invoice number on the next screen, just enter "unlimited checks".