Processing registration refunds is a two or three-step process, depending on whether the participant is no long participating:

Step 1: Refunding the Money

Log into your payment gateway (Wepay,, ...).

Find the transaction that you wish to refund and follow the directions within the gateway to issue the refund. (Do not issue partial refunds in Wepay.  Wizathon does not allow partial refunds so issuing them through Wepay will cause your numbers to be off)

Step 2: Cancelling the Registration

Log into Wizathon.

Go to the "Registrants" tab and find the registration that you wish to cancel.

Click the third action item, "delete"  (X icon), to the right of the registration to cancel.

Note: Deleting the registration does not delete the participants!

If you wish to cancel the participant(s) associated with the registration:

Step 3: Cancelling the Participant

Go to the "Participants" tab, locate each participant listed under the cancelled registration.

Click the second action item, "deactivate" (lightbulb icon) to remove the participant.