If you received a registration offline (via check or cash) and already have an override code set up, you can enter the donation online.

How to get there: 

Go to your event website.

Click on "Register".


What to do:

Complete the form as if you were the registrant.

On the checkout screen:

If you have mandatory Signup Fees added to your ticket prices and would like to bypass those, please enter the discount code that you created for this or follow the steps here to create a discount code.

Fill in the name and address as written on the check.

Enter the registrant's email address, and if unavailable, enter the administrator's email address.

Choose Visa as the card type, and enter the override code as the credit card number.

Use any valid expiration date and enter 123 as the security code.

Click on "Process transaction" to complete and you will receive a confirmation.