You may want to update or close your online event registration deadline.

How to get there:

Login to your Wizathon administrative system.

Click on the "Setup/Tools" tab.

Click on "Manage Profile and Settings".

What to do:

Scroll down to the "Registration Customizations" heading.

Under "Participant Registration Ends On", enter the time and date when you would like registration to end. 

Make sure the "Time Zone" field under the "General Event Information" heading is accurate.

To customize the text that will appear on the registration form once registration has closed, scroll down to "Custom Text when Registration has Ended". 

Enter the text you would like to display.

Click "Save Event Profile" to maintain your changes.

Closing registration does not affect your ability to continue to accept sponsorships and donations.  By default, you can accept sponsorships and donation for up to 30 days after you event date.  This setting can also be modified to lengthen or shorten when sponsorships and donations can be accepted.