You may want to create a link to another page on your event website, but not have that page display as a tab. 

How to get there:

Login to your Wizathon back end account.

Click on the "Pages" tab.

What to do:

First you need to Create the Page that you will be Linking To

Click on the "Create New Page" button.

Enter a title, enter 0 in the "Navigation Order" field, and enter the content to display on the page. Then, click "Save Page".

Take note of the Page ID adjacent to the page you created. You will need this number shortly. 


Create a link to point to Your Page

Locate the page you would like to link off from to your new page. Click on the pencil icon (edit) adjacent to it.

Highlight the text that you would like the link to or select an image.

Click on the link icon, which is on the second row of tools, 11th from the right end.

A dialogue box will appear. From the Protocol dropdown list, choose "Other" and in the URL, you type ?id=pagenum (enter the page number that you noted from above).

Then, click OK to save.