You can automate the process to format your text ads so they fit the slide space well and keep the lines or paragraphs together with one click. This is accomplished via a new tool, "magic slide", under manage ads. 

How to get there:

Login to your Wizadjournal back end account.

Click on the "Ads" tab. 

Locate the pending ad you would like to format and click on the first action item, "edit" (pencil icon).

What to do:

Locate the "magic slide" button on the bottom row of tools, second from the right. 

Click on it to see a formatted version of the ad. You can now click on the same button, which is now "unformat slide" to change the ad back to its unformated format. 

Click "Save" to maintain your changes. 

Note that this is an automated attempt to format the ad text with one click. If you are not satisfied or only partially satisfied with the automated formatting, you can continue to tweak the format of the ad with the tools available on the ad edit screen. You can also revert back to the unformated text by clicking on the same button which now says "unformat slide".