Use the steps below to upload a graphic ad when there is no existing ad record.

What to do: Part 1:

Start with the instructions from this solution to create the ad.

Then decide if you will want:

1. Full Page Graphic Ad (best if sized 1000px (width) x 670px (height).


2. Graphic Within the text of an Ad. (this is used to place a graphic logo or photo within the text of the ad).

Update the Design Option from the drop down menu to Ad Graphic Full Page for option 1 or Ad Graphic Within Text on the Right/Bottom/Top (depending on where you'd like the graphic to appear) for option 2.

Then, click on the Save With Current Status button.

Part 2: Upload the Graphic:

Next, a dialogue box will open, asking you to upload the graphic. Confirm the type of graphic, enter the URL if the graphic will link to a company website, and then click on the Select File to Upload button to choose the JPG/JPEG/PNG/PDF file from your computer.

Choose upload/save to proceed and cancel to discard.

Review the graphic and then click Save with Current Status to maintain or Discard to cancel your changes.