Use the steps below to upload a graphic ad for a when there is no existing ad record for both:

1. Full Page Graphic Ad (best if sized 1000px (width) x 670px (height).

2. Graphic Within the text of an Ad. (this is used to place a graphic logo or photo within the text of the ad).

How to get there:

Login to your Wizadjournal back end system.

Click on the "Ads" tab. 

What to do:

Click on the "Create New Ad" button.

Enter the Last name (and first name if desired). 

Select the Background sponsorship level. 

Select Design Option (i.e. “Ad Graphic Full Page”)

Click on “Save With Current Status” on the bottom. 

The Upload Dialog Box will appear.

Click on the Browse/Choose File button to select the desired graphic file from your computer.

Click  on the “Upload/Save” button.

If acceptable, click “Save and Make Active”.