Promotional Codes can be created to give a certain group or corporate sponsor discounts on their registrations. Please note that promotional codes are per registration when there is no quantity specified and per participant when a quantity is specified. 

To get there:

Click on the "Setup/Tools" tab.

Click on "Registration Form Setup-Participant & Volunteer Tickets, Questions, Discounts, Goals" from the right hand column. 

What to do:

Under the "Promotional Codes" section in the bottom left column, choose "add promotional code".

Complete the form and choose "Save New Promotional Code".


Promotional Code: the code name itself that you want registrants to use

Discount % off Total Registration: the percent discount this code gives - 100% would make the registration free

Remove signup fees: If you have set up a mandatory sign up fee for your tickets and want this code to waive those fees, as well as any percentage that you set above, select "Yes".

Maximum Usage: the number of times that the code may be used. If you want to limit the number of participants that this code can be used for, enter the maximum quantity here.

Start & End Dates: the dates from and until that the code can be used