You may want to add a new or make changes to an existing ticket type for your campaign.

How to get there:

Login to your Wizathon back end system.

Click on the "Setup/Tools" tab.

Click on "Registration Form Setup-Participant & Volunteer Tickets, Questions, Discounts, Goals"

What to do:

Adding Ticket Type:

Under the "Ticket Types" header, click "Add Ticket Type".

Enter the name of the ticket, a description, if relevant, and cost (early bird cost is optional and an Early Bird date needs to be set under Setup/Tools->General Settings if you want this cost to be automatically reflected during registration). 

If you want to charge a mandatory Signup fee, per participant, to the registrant, enter it in the Signup fee field(s).  This could be the cost of the software and credit card processing fees, timing company fees, venue fees, etc... (To understand the difference between Mandatory vs. Optional Registration Processing fees, click here.)

You can also click which survey questions to associate with this ticket type.

Click "Save Ticket Type Changes" to maintain your changes. 

Move your new ticket type in order of where you want it by dragging it by the arrows to the left of it.

Important note: Once you create a new ticket type, make sure to test it out by starting the registration process and choosing the ticket type. Confirm that all of the survey questions that you want asked are displayed.

Editing Ticket Type:

Locate the "Ticket Types" header.

Find the ticket type you would like to change, and click on the first action item, "Edit" (pencil icon).

Make the necessary changes.

Click "Save Ticket Type Changes" to maintain your changes.