You may want to add questions to the registration form in order to collect information or verify information outside of the basics for your participants. The Wizathon staff will set these up for you based on the initial check-list, but you can add more at any time.

How to get there:

Login to the Wizathon back end system.

Click on the "Setup/Tools tab.

Click on "Registration Form Setup-Participant & Volunteer Tickets, Questions, Discounts, Goals"

What to do:

Adding a New Question:

Click on "Add Custom Survey Question".

Enter the question information, which ticket types the question will apply to, the type of question you would like ask (free form text field, date field, multiple choice, radio button, etc...), and whether the registrant will be required to answer the question for the participant.

Click "Save New Custom Survey Question" to maintain your changes.

Move your new survey question in order of where you want it asked by dragging it by the arrows to the left of it.

Editing an Existing Question:

Locate the question you would like to change.

Click on the first action item, "Edit" (pencil icon).

Make the necessary changes.

Click "Save Custom Survey Question Changes" to maintain your changes.