We have created a separate registration form for volunteer opportunities, so volunteers can register for positions at your event.  The volunteers will still show up under the Participants tab in the administration system, but participation ticket types can now be separated from volunteer ticket types. 

How to get there:

Login to your Wizathon back end account.

Click on the "Setup/Tools" tab.

Click on "Registration Form Setup-Participant & Volunteer Tickets, Questions, Discounts, Goals"

What to do:

Under the heading, "Volunteer Opportunities", click on "Add Volunteer Type".

Enter the relevant fields, including the quantity you would like for each type of volunteer.

Click "Save New Ticket Type" to maintain your changes. 

Contact us at support@wizathon.com to create the button or link.


If you would like to run a report or track your volunteers, you can click on the "Reports" tab, and choose the Participant Export.  From the report, you can choose to only export one or all volunteer ticket registrants.