The only way to include an image in the message area of an email (not on the left or right side with text on the other side) is for it to be online somewhere. If you can not upload the jpg to your own website, you can send it to and we can upload it to your Wizathon website area.

How to get there:

Login to your Wizathon admin system.

Click on the Email Jobs tab.

Click on the "Create New Mailing" button.

What to do:

Place your cursor where you want to place your image.

Click the image icon in the toolbar.

Enter the full URL to your image. For the full URL of an image, right click on the image and choose "Copy Image Location" in Firefox or "Properties" in Internet Explorer to copy the URL of the image or "Copy Image Address" in Chrome. For Safari, tap-and-hold it and select 'Copy'. This will copy the URL of the image.

Adjust the width of your image to under 650px. The height will automatically adjust proportionally.

Click the "Save Email Job" button.