Getting kids involved in a P2P Charity Event can be a lot of fun and is a great way to encourage them to keep fit, while giving back to the community. In the US, there is no widespread age restricition for the age a child is allowed to participate in specific events; it seems to vary by location. However, there should be some guidelines as to how kids should relate to the fundraising portion.

Currently, Wizathon offers 2 options when allowing a child under 16 to register:

1. No fundraising page - this make sense if a parent will also be participating and the parent is fundraising.

2. Allow a fundraising page under the supervision of an adult, where the adult also has access to logging into the child's fundraising page. Administrators can create (or ask Wizathon staff members for assistance) a survey question for the child ticket that says "I am fundraising for xyz under the supervision of a parent". 

This way, if a child does feel ready to assist with the fundraising efforts, he can personalize a page of his own and solicit family members, friends, neighbors, and even teachers for donations. You can help motivate kids by offering prizes to those who raise over a certain amount. Social media allows for those ages 13 and over to register for an account, so take that into consideration when asking fundraisers to share their pages online. From our research, those 12-15 are usually ready to participate in fitness events, with an adult's permission. 

Whatever path you choose, make sure the child participant is safe and his fundraising efforts are under supervision.  Make sure your insurance covers children as full participants in the event.