You may want to customize the email that participants will be sending to their contacts for sponsorships.

How to get there:

Login to your GivingForKindness account.

Click on your current campaign's name or the edit link to the right of it.

What to do:

Click on the "Setup/Tools" tab. 

Click on "Sponsorship Request Emails" from the middle column.

Enter your desired text for the initial, second, and final campaign emails. 

  • There are variable tags that begin and end with %% that hold the place of where custom transaction data will be placed. Refer to the screen for the list of these variables and type them within your letter where you want the custom data to appear.
  • The first email is sent when a participant first enters a name and email address. The second email is sent midway through your campaign if that person still has not donated. The third email is sent 2 days before the end of your campaign if that person still has not donated. If at any point a person unsubscribes, they will stop receiving all emails for this campaign.

Click "Save Setting Changes"