You may want to issue a refund for a sponsorship.

How to get there:

Login to your GivingForKindness account.
You'll be on the Campaigns window of the Control Panel.
Choose the campaign's name or the edit link to the right of it.

What to do:

Click on the Supporter tab. 

Scroll down to the name of the supporter you’d like to make changes to, or enter their last name in the search box. 

Click on the last action item, the delete button (x icon) adjacent to the name. Select the Cancellation type:

Refund - this is the default option and is used when you want to refund the sponsor's money.

Cancel Only - if the money was returned via check, cash, or directly on the payment gateway's site. 

Chargeback - if the payment gateway has refunded the money already because the registrant requested a chargeback, and you need to cancel the transaction in Wizathon for accounting purposes. 

Both Chargeback and Cancel Only do the same thing, but this option is more specific to this situation and you will have record of why the money was returned.

Finally, select the Refund Reason, if applicable, and click "Process the Cancellation or Refund" to complete.


You cannot issue partial refunds.