You may want to make a participant inactive or delete them. 

If a participant has not sent any emails or received any sponsorships, they can be deleted.

If they have already sent emails or received sponsorships, this process will mark them as cancelled, and the sponsorship data will be available.

How to get there:

Login to your GivingForKindness account.
You'll be on the Campaigns window of the Control Panel.
Choose the campaign's name or the edit link to the right of it.

What to do:

Click on the Participant tab. 

Scroll down to the name of the participant you’d like to delete, or enter their last name in the search box. 

Click on the sixth action item, the delete button (x icon) adjacent to the name and a dialogue box will ask for you to confirm.

Click Ok and the participant will be deleted or cancelled. 

Note:  You can reactivate a cancelled participant by searching for a cancelled participant (versus active, next to the search bar), and clicking on the sixth action item adjacent to the name, the reactivate button (lightbulb icon)