How to get there:

Login to your GivingForKindness account.  

You'll be on the Control Panel page.

What to do:

If your organization does not have a Stripe Account:

If your organization does not yet have a Stripe Account, you will create it by clicking Create Stripe Account in the left column. This will open another browser window for Stripe where you will follow the prompts to create your Stripe account. Make sure that the email address that you use is an email address that the organization will have access to and not your personal email address. Your organization will want to use this account year after year. Complete all information including your bank account details so that the money donated can flow directly into your organization's bank account. GivingForKindness requires all organizations to have non-profit status. 

In order to apply for non-profit pricing from Stripe, after creating your account, email with the following information:

  • EIN (employer identification number)

  • Confirmation of 501c3 status (typically a letter from the IRS)

  • The email address associated with the Stripe account

Non-profit pricing reviews are generally reviewed and approved on Fridays.

Once your organization has a Stripe Account:

From the left column, choose Connect to an Existing Stripe Account. If you are no longer logged into your Stripe account, Click the "Sign in with Stripe to connect" button. Enter your log in credentials and click "Sign in to your Account". If you have multiple accounts for your log in credentials, choose the appropriate account. Click the "Connect my Stripe account" button. You will be directed back to the Control Panel.