If you received a sponsorship donation via check or cash, you can enter the donation directly into the backend system.
For users before the update 16.0 on 11/26/2019: Override codes for sponsor checks no longer work. You must use this new feature

How to get there: 

Login to your Wizathon backend system.

Click on the Sponsors tab.

Click on the Enter Checks/Cash button (for Campaigns the Enter Pledge/Check button).

Note: If the button does not exist, you have reached your $1,000 check/cash limit. To be able to enter unlimited checks and cash, please go to https://www.wizevents.com/register/48 and choose to pay the $99 option for Wizathon: Unlimited Check and Cash entry. As soon as your account is updated, you will be notified.

What to do:

Enter all the fields you have information for, and then click Save Check button.

The standard thank you for making a sponsorship email will be emailed to the sponsor if you supply an email address.

If the sponsorships is for a participant or team, they will receive their standard notification email.

Notes for Campaigns: For pledges, if you do not enter a check number, the entry will be considered a pledge and the custom email for "Event Sponsor Notification after Selecting to Pay by Check" under Setup/Tools-> Participant/Team Sponsor Notification Message will be sent if an email address was entered. Under the Sponsor tab, you will have the option to enter the check number, when you receive it, and the custom email for "Event Sponsor Notification upon Receiving and Recording Check", under the same heading, will be emailed if an email address was entered.