Registering an Individual VS Creating a New Team VS Joining an Existing Team:

When a participant decides to register, he will have the option to register as an Individual, Create a Team or Join an Existing Team (this option only appears once there is at least one team that has been created).  

  • If he is registering as an Individual (and specifically, not as part of a team) , he would choose the Individual(s) option, and enter his details. 

  • If he wants to Join an Existing Team, he would select the Join Team option, and then select the specific team to join from the list on the following page. 

  • If one would like to Create a New Team (even if this team existed in a previous year), he would click on the Create Team option. The person who creates the team is considered the team captain and will have access to update the team captain page as well as his own personal page.

In all of these scenarios, once he fills in his registration details - name, email, user name, password, goal and the custom survey questions - he is offered the option to checkout OR create another participant. 

If he has a few family members registering, this is where he would choose to register another participant, who can choose to join as an individual or join the team created, and fill in the details specific to his registration choice.  At checkout, the first participant listed, otherwise known as the registrant/payor, will pay for all of the participants that they are registering for altogether.

If later, another individual wants to join the new team, he will have the option when registering to join any pre-existing team. 

(Here is a link for FAQs related to participant and team page setup. It is available to all participants when they log into their participant center.