Processing refunds is now a one step process for Wepay customers.  It is still a two step process for other credit card processors.

For Wepay/Stripe customers only, you no longer need to access your payment gateway in order to process the refund; everything can be done via our administrative system. 

What to do:

Log into Wizathon.

Go to the "Registrants" tab and find the registration that you wish to cancel.

Click the third action item, "delete" (X icon), to the right of the registration to cancel.

Select the Cancellation type:

Refund - this is the default option, for Wepay/Stripe customers, and is used when you want to refund the registrant's money.

Cancel Only - if the money was returned via check, cash, or directly on the payment gateway's site. This is the default option for processors other than Wepay or Stripe.

Chargeback - if the payment gateway has refunded the money already because the registrant requested a chargeback, and you need to cancel the transaction in Wizathon for accounting purposes. Both Chargeback and Cancel Only do the same thing, but this option is more specific to this situation and you will have record of why the money was returned.

Finally, select the Refund Reason, if applicable, and click "Process the Cancellation or Refund" to complete. 


1.  Deleting the registration does not delete the participants.

If you wish to cancel the participant(s) associated with the registration:

Go to the "Participants" tab, locate each participant listed under the cancelled registration.

Click the second action item, "deactivate" (lightbulb icon) to remove the participant.

2. If you are using a credit card processor other than Wepay or Stripe, you will need to manually refund the registrant's money through their portal.

3. You cannot issue partial refunds. If the registrant made a donation in addition to paying the sponsorship fee, the entire amount will be refunded/cancelled.