To get there:

Login to your Wizadjournal back end system.
Click on the "Ads" tab.

Find the ad:
Ads are initially listed alphabetically within status categories – Pending first, then Reviewed 1 and 2 followed by Missing and Active.
To find an ad quickly, type in the “last name” of the donor (or just a few letters of the lastname) in the last name field at the top of the screen and click “Find Now”.
If you want to find an ad by its numerical slide order in “Play Slide Show”:

  1. Change the #per page to display to total number of ads in system (the total number is displayed on the top left of the screen).
  2. Click on the column header “Sponsorship Level” to sort in the same numerical slide order as in “Play Slide Show”.
  3. Scroll down to find the ad by its slide number displayed to the left of each active ad.

What to do:

Once you find the ad that you want to edit, click on the “edit” (pencil icon).

Marking an Ad Active: Using the Status drop down on the top of screen change “pending” to “active”. Once an ad has been made active, it will appear on the ad journal event website in the “Scrolling list of Ads”, “Sponsor by Category” list and the “Play Slideshow”.

First and Last Name Display: The names typed in the First and Last Name fields will automatically display at the bottom of a text based ad. As well, what is listed in the First and Last Name fields for ads will automatically display in the scrolling list of sponsors on the home page of the event website and in the “Sponsors by Category” drop down. 

If you do not want the names that are typed in the First and Last Name fields to automatically display at the bottom of a text based ad, click on the checkbox, "Remove name from within the ad"
[Tip: In order to find an ad by last name in manage ads, it is important to put the last name or company in the last name field how you may want to find it later to edit.]

Text Size: Change the global text size for the proper fit on the ad slide by choosing for “Ad Copy Size” Regular, Larger, Smaller or X Small.

Text Appearance: In the text edit box on the bottom left of the screen, fix the text appearance using the enter key to create line breaks. (CLICK: “Update Text on Visual Ad” to see your changes)

Saving Changes: Click “Save Ad” at the bottom of screen to save your changes.