This feature is used to upload photos to the ad journal that are not for ads. Once the photos pages have been uploaded they can be placed in a specific order throughout the journal (see placement instructions below).

To get there:

Login to your Wizadjournal back end system.
Click on the "Ads" tab.

Step 1: UPLOAD
What to do:
Click on the “Create Photo Slide” button located above the ads list.
Enter a Tag Name for the ad. Remove the tag by clicking on the checkbox, "Remove name from within the ad".

Browse to find the file .jpg or .gif on your local computer.
Click “Upload/Save” to upload the picture.

Find the photo in the list of pending ads and click on the “edit” (pencil icon).
Choose the “Background” for the Ad Category where you want the picture to display in the slide show. Choose “Opening Slide” if you want the picture to display before the tribute ad slides. Choose “Closing Slide” if you want the picture to display after the tribute ad slides.
The Last Name field controls the ordering where picture displays within the Ad Category chosen in step 2 above. Since all slides play in alphabetical order within a category, type the alphabetical letters in the “Last Name” field where you want to order the picture in the “Play Slideshow”. [For example: “m – photo tag name” will display with the tribute ads with the last name starting with “M” ]
Mark the slide “Active” using the “Status” drop down on the top of screen. Once a slide has been made active, it will appear in the “Play Slideshow”. Pictures only display on the “Play Slideshow” option of the Ad Journal.
Click “Save Ad” at the bottom of screen to save your changes.

Tips to review the order where pictures will display in the slide show
Change the #per page to display to total number of ads in system (the total number is displayed on the top left of the screen).
Click on the column header “Sponsorship Level” to sort in the same numerical slide order as in “Play Slide Show”.
Scroll down to see the order where the photos will display.