Follow the instruction below to post tribute letters” to the “Tribute Letters” page on the event website.

To get there:
Click on the "Pages" tab.

What to do:
Click on the “Edit” (pencil icon) for the “Tribute Letters” content page that you want to post a tribute letter
Place the cursor in the text box area where you want to type the text describing the tribute letter.
For Example: “Letter from Senator Bill Baxter” or “Letter from Sandra Berman, Head of School”.
Place the cursor under the description text and type “click here to read full letter”.
Highlight with the cursor the words “click here to read full letter”.
Click the “Link” (chain icon) on the tool bar.
Click the tab “Upload”
Browse and find the tribute letter (important: the letter must be in PDF format).
Click “Send to Server” to upload the letter.
Click the tab “Target”
Choose the option “New Window”
Click “Save Page” at the bottom of the screen to save.