You can place an ad that directs viewers to the sponsor's website. In order to create this kind of ad, you must upload a graphical ad or logo.

To get there:

Login to your Wizadjournal back end system.

Click on the "Ads" tab.

Locate the Ad by typing the last name into the search field and then click "Find Now".

What to do:

Step 1: Upload Graphic

Select the second tool under actions, "Graphic Ads" (framed photo icon)

Enter the URL for the destination site beginning with "http"

Click "Choose File" to select the JPEG or GIF document that's been saved to your local computer. 

Click "Upload/Save" to upload the document

Step 2: Update Ad

Select the first tool under actions, "Edit" (pencil icon)

Update the Design Option field by clicking on the drop down list and choosing from any of the Ad Graphic options (CLICK: “Refresh” to see your changes)

Change the Status field to "Active" to mark the ad active.

Click Save Ad on the bottom of the screen to save your changes.