The order of how the ads will display in the slideshow will depend on how they are set up in the back-end system.

Between the opening and closing slides, the active ads will be alphabetized by last name for each sponsorship level. 

To change the order of appearance, edit the last name on the ad itself.

To get there:

Login to the Wizadjournal system page

Click on the "Ads" tab

What to do:

Click on the "Sponsorship Level" heading to organize the slides by alphabetical level in each category, which is the way it will currently play in the slideshow.

To move a specific slide to another position, click on the edit tool (pencil icon) and scroll down to the "Last Name" field.

Make whatever change is needed to that field so the ad appears in your desired sequence.

To review the updated slideshow presentation, go to the "Setup/Tools" tab, and then click on "Play Slideshow with Controls".

Additional Notes:

If the last name you have inserted is "Smith", it will appear between ads with last names Karl and Turner, in the same sponsorship category.

However, if the ad is formatted with last name "and Jeff Smith", it will appear before last names Karl and Turner, in the same sponsorship category.