You can check on the payment status of all of or one of your registrants via our Wizevents back end system.

To run a detailed report on all payments, please see the solution, click here regarding exporting registrant information.  

To check status of one specific registrant, please follow the following steps:

How to get there:

Login to the Wizadjournal admin backend.

Click on the "Registration" tab. 

Click on the second icon, "attendees".

What to do:

Under the category on the left hand side, entitled, "By Registrant", click on "Manage Registrants"

You will see a list of registrants, alphabetized by last name. 

Scroll to find the name you are looking to locate or type the last name into the search box.

You will see the amount paid and via which payment platform.

You can also click on the first action icon, "View" (eye icon) to review full payment details, such as the billing address.


If our system detected that a payment was initiated, but not completed, you will receive a notification as soon as you log into the Wizevents portal.