You may want to change the amount of time your slideshow lingers on each ad during the presentation.

2020 Version Solution:

How to get there:

  • Login to your Wizevents account.
  • Click on the Websites (Journals) tab.
  • Locate the event you'd like to make changes to. On the same line, under the actions column, hover over the three dots and choose website setup.
  • Click on Slide Speed Setup

What to do:

Locate the sponsorship category you'd like to make changes to, and enter the number of seconds you'd like slides in that category to appear for.

Then, click Save to maintain your changes, or Discard to cancel your changes.

Old Version Solution:

To get there:

Login to the Wizadjournal system

Click on the "Setup/Tools" tab

What to do:

Click on "Manage Slide Speeds"

Type in the number of seconds you would like the presentation to remain on the slides for each category 

Click on "Save Speeds"