You or your sponsors may want to re-use an ad  from the previous year's slideshow presentation.

2020 Version Solution:

How to get there: 

  • Login to your Wizevents account.
  • Click on the Websites (Journals) tab.
  • Locate the event you'd like to make changes to. Click on the name of the event OR on the same line, under the actions column,  the three dots and choose manage ads.
  • Locate the ad that you'd like to update by typing the last name into the search box. Click on the ad name OR on the same line, under the actions column, click on the three dots and choose recycle ad.  

What to do:

Enter any part of the sponsor's first or last name into the box labeled Last year's ad name.

Click on the name to select it. (If no name appears, there is no ad under last year's journal with the name you've entered.)

You will redirected to the Edit Ad page with the ad from last year's slideshow on your current slide. You can review and edit the ad, as needed. 

Click Save With Current Status/Save and Make Active to maintain your changes and Discard to cancel your changes.

Old Version Solution: 

To get there:

Login to the Wizadjournal system

Click on the " Ads" tab

What to do:

Type into the search bar the last name of the ad you have currently set up that you want to apply a previous year's ad against.

Click on the third action, "Recycle Past Ad" (the recycling symbol).

You will then see a search bar. Type in the first or last name of the ad you would like to copy from, locate the name, and click on it to select it.

The current ad will be replaced with previous year's ad; click on the edit (pencil) tool to view or edit further.

Make sure to click "Save Ad" to maintain any changes.