You can create a sponsorship level that allows for names to be listed without any ad text. This is referred to as a name listing only. Although the software seems to allow for additional text, the only information that will appear on the presentation is the name entered. You can control the number and size of name listings that appear on a name listing slide via the back end system.

How to get there: 

  • Login to your Wizevents account.
  • Click on the Websites (Journals) tab.
  • Locate the event you'd like to make changes to. On the same line, under the actions column, hover over the three dots and choose website setup.
  • Click on the tab on the left hand side labeled MultiAd/Slide Setup

What to do:

Locate the heading, Name Listings and enter how many listings you would like per page. We usually have it set to 7-8.

Select the Larger text size from the Text Size drop down menu. 

Click Save to maintain your changes and Discard to cancel your changes.