The administrator and team captain (which by default is the first participant of the team) have the ability to make changes to the team's profile fundraising page, assign a new team captain, or contact the team members via email. 

How to get there:

Login to the Wizathon account.

Click on the "Teams" tab.

Click on the first action item, "edit" (pencil icon).

What to do:

You will then view the team's fundraising center page. You can click on the appropriate buttons to change the profile picture, update the team message, or thank sponsors. 

You can also click on the first button on the top of the page, "Team Profile" to update the team name, team fundraising goal or to connect this year's team to a team from last year's event. 


The team captain may also login to the team profile using his personal username and password via the website. The team information is synced to his personal participant account.

From the Team Fundraising page, he/she can:

  • view the team's sponsors and team members
  • share the team's page via social media tools
  • contact team members to encourage and support their fundraising goals using the sample letters available
  • contact past team members, if the event was hosted through Wizathon the previous year
  • read a short team captain guide with fundraising tips
  • assign a new team captain