You may want to transfer a participant's or team's sponsorship to another participant or team if he will not be attending the event or for whatever reason. The administrator may resolve this via the back end system.

How to get there:

Login into your Wizathon account.

Click on the "Sponsors" tab.

What to do:

If you are transferring a sponsor for one sponsor, locate the specific sponsor's name by scrolling down or typing his last name in the search box.

If you are transferring multiple sponsors for a participant or team, via the drop down menu which reads "All Participants or "All Teams", choose the participant or team whose sponsorship you'd like to transfer.  This will display all of the sponsorships for this one participant or team.

Click on the second action item "transfer" (arrows icon).

Then, you can choose if you'd like the sponsorship donated to another participant, another team, or to the event itself. 

Click "Save Sponsorship Transfer" to maintain your changes.