A registrant may decide to update or remove the some of the attendee tickets prior to the event. The administrator can make these changes via the back end system.

2020 Version Solution:

How to get there:

  • Login to your Wizevents account.
  • Click on the Registrations/Donation Forms tab.
  • Locate the event you'd like to view. Click on the name of the event or hover over the three dots to the right of the event name and choose transactions/reports.  
  • Click on the Registrants tab from the left hand side.

What to do:

Enter the registrant's last name in the search box or scroll to find it. 

Adjacent to the name, hover over the three dots located under Actions and click view details/edit.

Locate the attendee name you'd like to make changes to, and click on the three dots located under Actions.

Click edit to update or cancel to remove the attendee. 

Any refunds must be processed manually.

Old Version Solution: 

To get there:

Login to the Wizadjournal admin backend.

Click on the "Registration" tab.

Click on the second icon, "attendees". (people icon).

What to do:

Click on "Manage Registrants" under the category, "By Registrant".

Search for or scroll down to the registrant's name that you would like to make changes to.

Click on the first action item, "View" (eye icon).

To the right of the attendee name that you want to edit or delete, click on the first action item, "Edit" (pencil icon) to change the name, or the second action item, "Cancel" (x icon) to remove. Cancelling will change the attendee name to "N/A", so it will no longer appear on any attendee list.