Wizathon encourages keeping in contact with your team captains in order to maintain a good relationship and keep encouragement high for your campaign. 

How to get there:

Login to your Wizathon back end system.

Click on the "Email Jobs" tab.

Click on the "Create New Mailing" button.

Preparing the Email:

Select "Team Captains" as the mailing type. You will be able to filter which teams captains you send the email before you send it in a step listed below.

Customize the subject line, text, and include a photo or graphic if you'd like. 

Click "Save Email Job" to maintain your changes.

Previewing the Email:

Your prepared email will be listed under the "Pending Mailings" category. 

You can click on the first action item, "Edit" (pencil icon) to make changes or the second action item, "Preview" (eye icon) to see what the email will look like. 

Sending a Test Email:

Click on the third action item, "Test" (envelope icon) to send a test email.

Enter the email address and name that you would like to send the test to.

Click "Send Email Test" to proceed with the test.

Sending your Email:

Click on the fourth action item, "Send" (mailbox icon) when you are ready to send the email out.

You can select to send to all team captains or only certain team captains based on the date that they registered.

Click on "Continue to Send Job" to proceed. 

Review the number of team captains the email is being sent to, review the text, and add an attachment if you would like. 

Click "Send Email Job" to finalize.

Deleting your Email:

If you would like to delete the pending email before sending  it, click on the fifth action item, "Delete" (x icon) to get rid of the message.