Once you are ready to prepare for next year's event, please let the Wizathon team know via the support system, and a new, very short, checklist will be sent to you. You should not try to use the same event id or site as the previous year.

From year to year, we reset your website. What this means is that all of the content pages, notification texts and setup items get copied over to a new event id.  There are no registrants, participants or sponsors on the new site, but you can still access the old event data through the administrative system referencing its event id. In addition, participants registering for the new event will be able to reuse their login information when registering, which will tie their past event account to their current event account.  Their photo and story will be copied over and they will be able to view and communicate with their sponsors from the past event.  Additionally, you will have access to your previous year's email blast and will be able to make copy of them to edit and use for this year's event.