You may have some ticket types set up for an event that are not associated with attendees, such as a contribution or tribute ad that doesn't include attendee tickets. By choosing the option "Sponsorship Only Ticket?” for the ticket type, the donor will not be included in any count related to attendees. In addition, on the registration form the donor will not require to enter any attendee names since it is not applicable.

How to get there:

Log into your Wizevents account.

Click on the "Events" button.

Click on the first action items, "edit" (pencil icon).

Locate "Step 2-Event Session Details" and click on the edit action.
Locate "Step 2.3: Ticket Types"

What to do:

For each ticket type that is not associated with attendees, click the edit tool on the corresponding line.

Scroll to the 4th check box, "Sponsorship Only Ticket?”.

Click on this check box and press "Save Session Ticket Type Changes" to maintain your changes.