You may need to view a registrant's information, but have trouble locating his name in the system.

How to get there:

Login to your Wizevents back end account.

Click on the "Events" button.

Click on the second action item, "Attendees (people icon)".

Under the "By Registrants" heading, click on "Manage Registrants".

What to do:

In the search box located next to "Last Name", enter the percent symbol (%) and the registrant's last name and the percent symbol (%) again.

The % symbol is a wildcard character that will prompt the system to locate the registrant regardless of where the name appears in the field.

This is helpful if the registrant accidentally typed a space in front of their last name.

You can also type the first few characters of the last name rather than the entire name.

For example, if you type %fin%, the system will find any last name with the letters "fin" in it.