For photo gallery images to look their best, they should be the proper size which is listed on the Manage Rotating Photos page under Setup/Tools.  You may also want to upload an image to your event website, but would like to make sure it meets the optimal sizing criteria for the internet. It is recommended that the picture/graphic file size be no larger than between 25k to 50k, but can be up to 200K. You need to use some sort of photo editing program in order to resize a photo/image.

If using Microsoft Paint:

Open the image. The size of the image in pixels and KB will be listed on the bottom toolbar.

Select the Resize tool. You can increase or reduce the size of the image by percentage or pixels. We recommend you click the checkbox "Maintain Aspect Ratio" so the image does not become distorted (this may not be possible for rotating photo images). 

Then, save the image as a .jpg, and the updated size of the image will appear on the screen.

Adjust as needed.

If using Adobe Photoshop Elements:

Open the image. 

Save it as a .jpg. 

To complete the saving process, a window titled "JPEG Options" will appear.

Under "Image Options", move the gradient between "small file" and "large file" to either increase or reduce the size of the image, and click OK.

Once your image is resized, you can follow the steps here to upload it to your event website.