Below are the simple steps to follow to get started with Wizevents registration and event management platform:

How to get there:

  • Login to your Wizevents account.
  • Click on the Registrations/Donation Forms tab.
  • Click on the Create Form button.

What to do:

Step 1: Setting Up the Basics

Enter the form information, such as contact details, date and location details, description to appear at the top of the form, payment options, and notification options for registrants.

Click Save to maintain your changes, or Discard to cancel your changes. 

Step 2: Ticket and Optional Questions

Add the different ticket types that you are offering along with their name, description of what is included, pricing, position on the form, and quantities. 

Once you have created your tickets, you can create optional questions,  such as seating and meal preferences or space to include the ad copy for a journal, by clicking on the Custom Questions tab from the left hand menu and choose Add Question. You must select which tickets should ask each of your questions.

Step 3: Edit the General Event Setup

Click on the General Setup tab on the left to make general updates to your event. 

  • General Information includes basic details, such as contact information, how to update wording such as sold out or discount codes on your registration form
  • Design and Color Setup allows you to include a logo, banner, as well as choose a general color scheme for your form
  • Date Settings allows you to set the registration dates as well as early bird/late registration rates
  • Fees and Checkout Settings allow you to change wording, payment information, and update mandatory credit card fees to the registration form
  • Notification Setup allows you to update the notification emails that are sent to registrants and donors, along with your custom signature

Step 4: Landing Pages

Here you can include an optional landing page that can include a flyer or graphic for your event. A registration button will appear on this page to direct people to the actual registration form.

Click on the Landing Pages tab from the left hand side. 

Then, you can click the create page button to enter your text and images for the landing page.

You can also click on the 3 dots located under Actions and select edit. Then, you can make changes to the current landing page.

Step 5: Discount Codes

Click on the Discount Codes tab from the left hand side. 

Click on create code and enter the discount code name, percentage or amount, and dates the discount code will be in effect for. 

Click on Save to maintain and Discard to cancel.