Below are the simple steps to follow to get started with Wizevents registration and event management platform:

How to get there:

Login to your Wizevents back end account.

Click on "Events".

Then, click on the "Add New Event" button.

What to do:

Step 1: General Event Information

Enter wording for the registration form, select registration form colors, and list contact people for the event. You can also customize your payment methods and notification messages to registrants.

Step 2: Event Session Details 

      2.1: General Event Information- Enter the location, contact information, and a short description of the event, which will be displayed on the top of the registration form.

      2.2: Dates and Times

      2.3: Ticket Types-Enter at least one ticket type for your event, including price, early bird price, quantities available, and a description. 

      2.4: Survey Questions-Required or optional questions to collect more information about the registrant, such as seating and meal preferences or space to include the ad copy for the journal.