Processing refunds is a two-step process. If the registrant paid by credit card and you need to issue a refund, you will need to first issue the refund via the merchant provider gateway that you are using (i.e., then you will CANCEL the incorrect registration.

Step 1: Refunding the Money


Log into your payment gateway (

Find the transaction that you wish to refund and follow the directions within your gateway to issue the refund.

Step 2: CANCEL the registration

To get there:

Login to the Wizadjournal admin backend.

Click on the menu tab "Registration"

Click on the second icon “attendees”.

Go to the section heading “BY REGISTRANT”

Click on “Manage Registrants”.

What to do:
Find the Registrant’s Registration by typing in a few letters of the Registrant’s last name in the “Last Name” search box and then clicking “Find Now”.
Check that you have the correct registration by clicking on the “View (eye icon)” option for that registration”. [click the yellow return icon to return back to the manage registrants list]
If you are on the correct registration that you want to cancel, click the “Cancel (red X)” option.

To RE-ENTER a Registration

Go back to the Event Website so that you can choose the “Place an Ad / RSVP” form to re-enter the correct registration.

Additional notes:
If you DON’T want the registrant to receive the corrected registration notification email, use your email address on the registration checkout page.