You may want to upload a headshot of the honoree or chairmen to the event website.

How to get there:

Login to your Wizadjournal back end account. 

Click on the "Pages" tab.

What to do:

Click on the line where you would like the photo to be placed.

Click on the "Image" icon from the tool list, which is located on the second row, eighth icon from the right.

Under the "Upload" tab, click "Choose File" to locate the file on your local computer. Then, click "Send it to the Server".

You will be looking at the "Image Info" tab next, and you can then select the desired alignment.

Then, enter 12 (pixels) under the H-space and 8 under the V-Space. 

Finally, click "OK" and the photo will appear. Click "Save Page" to maintain your changes.


We recommend sizing the photo to something like 250 px width by 400 px height. If you need any assistance with resizing or formatting your website pages, please send an email to the Wizadjournal support staff: